Business Dumpster Services for Junk Removal

Does your business need a dumpster in Framingham or elsewhere in Massachusetts? If you are a contractor or landscaping company, you may already be using dumpsters for demolition debris, construction waste, yard waste, and other trash. It is a clean and efficient way to collect and remove junk from construction and landscaping sites. But even businesses that don’t engage in renovations, construction, and installations can benefit from using business dumpster services. Let’s take a look at some examples in Framingham, MA.

When Your Business May Need A Dumpster

Like homeowners, businesses may rent dumpsters for cleanouts. General office environments can easily accumulate stacks of paper, files, boxes, and binders. Clutter in the workplace can negatively affect employees’ mental health. Clean out your offices routinely around weekends and holidays. A dumpster rental makes it easy because you can remove large amounts of junk at your own pace, and when you have filled the trash container, the rental company will haul it away and do all the recycling for you. This is an effective way to keep a tidy office environment and help reduce employee stress.

A tidy environment is also a safer work environment for your employees. If your business is cluttered with all kinds of junk, your employees may accidentally slip, trip, or fall. Keeping a dumpster on the premises allows you to safely remove any items that may pose a hazard promptly.

  • Property Managers: Property managers may rent a dumpster for tenants during move-ins and move-outs. Your tenants will appreciate the convenience, and your cleaning staff will not be overwhelmed by the extra loads of garbage. The move will go much more smoothly and efficiently.
business dumpster for junk removal
  • Commercial Spaces: Restaurants and supermarkets use dumpsters to discard large volumes of food and other trash that may attract pests.  Even office buildings can generate a lot of food leftovers from workers and visitors. Discarding food waste in a dumpster outside the building is better for pest control and helps to maintain a clean hygienic aesthetic.
  • Industrial Needs: Dumpsters are useful for industrial workshops and repair shops, too. The caveat is that some things cannot be thrown into a rental trash container.  Fuel and industrial waste, batteries, and paints, for example, are prohibited, whereas computers, TVs, washers/dryers, metal, wood, and glass are acceptable. It’s best to check with the rental company to find out what materials are banned from their dumpsters.
  • Clinics and Hospitals: Medical organizations also produce volumes of junk on a regular basis, including old equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers, as well as gowns, sheets, and blankets. Medical wastes, however, require special treatment and cannot be discarded into business dumpsters.

With the above examples, you can see that if your company generates more junk than regular trash bins can handle, business dumpster services are a viable option that is worth considering. The question then becomes: which waste disposal company should you hire?

Choosing a Business Dumpster Rental Company

You might be tempted to simply google “dumpster near me” to order a dumpster from the nearest junk removal company. But you are well advised to first learn about the dumpster rental process so that you are properly informed about the requirements. For example, you need to prepare a spot for the container. The space should not only be big enough for the footprint of the container, but it should also be on a flat surface (at least not too steep) and easily accessible for the truck to place and pick up the container. Generally speaking, dumpsters cannot be placed on the street or sidewalk without a permit from the town. In Framingham, MA, the city stipulates that “All dumpsters or containers must not be placed within twenty-five (25) feet of any public way unless written permission is obtained from the Board of Health or its agent.” A suitable place for commercial buildings would be somewhere in the back for aesthetic reasons, or perhaps in a fenced-in area.

When you are choosing a dumpster rental company, you should also consider how efficient they are at pick-ups and drop-offs. Find out if they pick up waste on a schedule, or if they have the flexibility to collect your dumpster whenever you need it collected. This is because if you are working on a project at your commercial site, the rate of waste disposal is not going to be the same every day. Some phases will produce more waste than others. For this reason, your dumpster may fill up faster than usual on some days, necessitating an urgent pick-up.

Selecting a business dumpster rental company means you should consider things such as the reputation of the company (lots of 5-star Google reviews, for example), the sizes of dumpsters it offers, the size of the fleet and professional staff, service areas, rental periods, rental rates, quality of the staff, customer service, cleanliness, and so on. A very good way to learn about the reputation of a company is through referrals from other business colleagues, people who have experienced firsthand how efficient a waste disposal company is can give a more accurate insight into the company than any sales brochure can.

10 yard dumpster rental rates
Dimensions of a 10-yard dumpster

What dumpster size is appropriate for your business? Typically, a small dumpster rental, such as a 10-yard container, is sufficient for most retail shops, gas stations, and apartment complexes. Large warehouses, building supply stores, manufacturers, and commercial, or industrial buildings might need bigger containers

The cost of dumpster rental is a major consideration. When you look at pricing, consider whether the company charges one flat rate or a by-the-ton price. Find out about any additional fees due to weight overages, restricted items, etc. Get a quote from the company and discuss the prices in detail before you sign the contract. Local family-owned businesses often offer better business dumpster services at a lower price than large national operators. Their local knowledge often comes in handy, and ultimately, shopping locally benefits your community by building long-term relationships among neighbors.

Environmental Concerns

One attribute that distinguishes a good waste disposal company is its concern for the environment. As a citizen of Massachusetts, you may be concerned about landfills and whether we are doing our best to put as little pressure as possible on the environment. One of the great things about working with Zoom Waste Disposal is that you can have complete peace of mind that we are doing our best to keep the environment as pristine as possible. We do our best to donate and recycle as much of our waste as possible. This way, we ensure that as little as possible ends up in landfills.

Our dumpsters are also made using materials that have as little impact on the environment as possible. This way, environmental protection is built into everything that we do.

Best Junk Removal Company in Framingham, MA

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